Phoenix AIAA Speakers

The Phoenix Section of the AIAA has long been active in K-12 (pre-college) outreach activities.  We have been participated in astronomy nights at schools, rocket launches, classroom visits, and many teacher resources events. When we interact with educators, we are often asked to have a member engineer make an appearance at a school. This seems to be a common need by educators – to have engineers come into the classroom.

In order to better serve these teachers, not to mention our Educator Associate (EA) members, we have established a speaker’s bureau associated with the Section.  Because of our members schedule and the geographic size of the Phoenix metro area, we may not be able to accommodate each and every request. But we have pulled together a list of volunteers, below, where they live, and the topic they can speak about.  Not all the topics seems to be obviously suited for grade schoolers, for example, but we can tailor the presentation to the audience.

If you would like someone to visit your school or organization, please contact us via the email noted on the “About AIAA” page here.

Name: Patrick Jordan
Profession: Engineer
Employer: Goodrich
Topic: Commercial Aircraft Evacuation Systems
Location: East Valley (Tempe, Chandler)

Name: Ahmed Hassan
Profession: Professor
Employer: ASU, retired from Boeing
Topic: Aerodynamics
Location: East Valley

Name: Malak Malak
Profession: Engineer
Employer: Honeywell
Topic: Turbomachinery
Location: East Valley (Tempe, Chandler, Sky Harbor area)

Name: Rob Trepa
Profession: Engineer
Employer: Edge Consulting
Topic: Flight Test for Beginners
Location: No preference

Name: Joyce Tokar
Profession: Software Engineer
Employer: Pyrrhus Software
Topic: Women in Engineering, Software Engineering
Location: No preference

Name: Luan Trinh
Profession: Engineering student
Employer: ASU
Topic: Engineering as Career
Location: No preference

Name: Eric Nichols
Profession: Engineer
Employer: Orbital
Topic: The Solar System
Location: East Valley

Name: Michael Mackowski
Profession: Engineer
Employer: Orbital
Topic: How Satellites Work
Location: East Valley